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MCQ on Class 5 sst Environmental Pollution

If you are searching for MCQ on Class 5 SST Environmental Pollution , then your search ends here.


What is the primary cause of air pollution?
a) Natural disasters
b) Human activities
c) Climate change
d) Animal activities
Answer: b) Human activities


Which energy source is considered clean and renewable?
a) Coal
b) Solar
c) Natural gas
d) Nuclear
Answer: b) Solar


Which is a major type of pollution caused by industrial discharges into water bodies?
a) Air pollution
b) Water pollution
c) Soil pollution
d) Noise pollution
Answer: b) Water pollution


What is the main form of pollution caused by burning fossil fuels in vehicles and factories?
a) Water pollution
b) Air pollution
c) Soil pollution
d) Noise pollution
Answer: b) Air pollution


Which waste category includes items like plastic and metal that do not easily decompose?
a) Biodegradable waste
b) Organic waste
c) Non-biodegradable waste
d) Hazardous waste
Answer: c) Non-biodegradable waste


What is the recommended way to minimize soil erosion and reduce pollution?
a) Use more chemical fertilizers
b) Deforestation
c) Plant more trees
d) Dump waste in open areas
Answer: c) Plant more trees


What is the primary cause of noise pollution in urban areas?
a) Animal sounds
b) Construction activities
c) Bird chirping
d) Natural water flow
Answer: b) Construction activities


Which disaster in 1986 highlighted the dangers of nuclear pollution?
a) Chernobyl disaster
b) Fukushima disaster
c) Hurricane Katrina
d) Tsunami in Indonesia
Answer: a) Chernobyl disaster


What do the three R’s in waste management stand for?
a) Reduce, Reuse, Release
b) Recycle, Rebuild, Reclaim
c) Reduce, Recycle, Reuse
d) Recover, Replenish, Repeat
Answer: c) Reduce, Recycle, Reuse


Which form of energy is harnessed from the movement of air?
a) Geothermal energy
b) Solar energy
c) Wind energy
d) Nuclear energy
Answer: c) Wind energy


What is the primary cause of water pollution from industrial sources?
a) Excessive rainfall
b) Dumping of sewage
c) Discharge of harmful chemicals
d) Natural river flow
Answer: c) Discharge of harmful chemicals


Which pollutant is commonly released from vehicle exhaust?
a) Oxygen
b) Carbon dioxide
c) Nitrous oxide
d) Hydrogen
Answer: c) Nitrous oxide


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