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MCQ on Class 5 SST The Frigid Zone

MCQ on Class 5 SST The Frigid Zone


If you are searching for multiple-choice questions related to Class 5 Social Studies on “The Frigid Zone,” you’ve come to the right place.


Q- What are the regions beyond 66.5° latitudes called?
A. Temperate regions
B. Polar regions
C. Tropical regions
D. Equatorial regions

Answer: B. Polar regions


Q- Which hemisphere contains the Arctic Circle?
A. Northern hemisphere
B. Southern hemisphere
C. Eastern hemisphere
D. Western hemisphere

Answer: A. Northern hemisphere


Q- What are the polar regions often referred to as due to their climate?
A. Hot deserts
B. Warm havens
C. Cold deserts
D. Rainforests

Answer: C. Cold deserts


Q- Why are polar regions extremely cold?
A. Direct sunlight
B. Slanting sunrays
C. Ocean currents
D. Greenhouse effect

Answer: B. Slanting sunrays


Q- What creates the glow observed in the night sky in polar regions?
A. Meteor shower
B. Aurora
C. Comet tail
D. Shooting star

Answer: B. Aurora


Q- What is the primary vegetation in the tundra regions?
A. Tall trees
B. Tropical flowers
C. Shrubs, mosses, and lichens
D. Cacti

Answer: C. Shrubs, mosses, and lichens


Q- What is the frozen subsoil in the tundra called?
A. Topsoil
B. Permafrost
C. Loam
D. Humus

Answer: B. Permafrost


Q- Where are the major tundra regions located?
A. Southern hemisphere
B. Western hemisphere
C. Northern hemisphere
D. Eastern hemisphere

Answer: C. Northern hemisphere


Q- What is the average winter temperature recorded in Antarctica?
A. -10°C
B. -27.5°C
C. 5°C
D. 20°C

Answer: B. -27.5°C


Q- What causes the unique curtains of light in the polar night sky?
A. Solar eclipse
B. Charged particles in the atmosphere
C. Lunar eclipse
D. Star clusters

Answer: B. Charged particles in the atmosphere


Q- Which animal is known for its adaptation to the polar environment and is an excellent swimmer?
A. Elephant
B. Penguin
C. Tiger
D. Giraffe

Answer: B. Penguin


Q- What is the primary occupation of the Inuit people in the polar regions?
A. Agriculture
B. Fishing
C. Mining
D. Hunting and trapping

Answer: D. Hunting and trapping


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