NCERT Exemplar Class 6 Component of Food solution

NCERT Exemplar Class 6 Component of Food

Class 6 Science Components of Food – NCERT Exemplar – This Page consists of solutions of exemplar workbook/practice workbook of class 6 science.


Which one of the following food item does not provide dietary fiber?

Ans. Milk

Which of the following sources of protein is different from others?

Ans. Cottage cheese (paneer)

Which of the following nutrients is not present in milk?

Ans. Vitamin C

Read the food items given below: (i) Wheat (ii) Ghee 2 (iii) Iodized salt (iv) Spinach (palak) Which of the above food items are “energy giving foods”?

Ans. wheat and ghee are energy giving

Read the following statements about diseases.

(i) They are caused by germs. (ii) They are caused due to lack of nutrients in our diet. (iii) They can be passed on to another person through contact. (iv) They can be prevented by taking a balanced diet.

Which pair of statements best describe a deficiency disease?

Ans. (ii) and (iv)

Given below are the steps to test the presence of proteins in a food item:

  • Take a small quantity of the food item in a test tube, add 10 drops of water to it and shake it.
  • Make a paste or powder of food to be tested.
  • Add 10 drops of caustic soda solution to the test tube and shake well.
  • Add 2 drops of copper sulphate solution to it.

Which of the following is the correct sequence of the steps?

Ans. ii, i, iv, iii


Unscramble the following words related to components of food and write them in the space provided.

(a) reinpot __________ Protein

(b) menliars __________ Minerals

(c) tivanmi __________ Vitamins

(d) bocatradhyer __________ Carbohydrates

(e) nitesturn __________ Nutrients

(f) tfa________Fat


Which of the following food items does not provide any nutrient?

Milk water orange juice tomato soup

Ans. Water doesn’t contain any nutrient.


Fill in the blanks from the list of words given below:

(carbohydrate, fat, protein, starch, sugar, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, roughage, balanced diet, obesity, goiter )

(a) Egg yolk is rich in ____________ and egg albumin is rich in __________. [fats , protein]

(b) Deficiency diseases can be prevented by taking a ___________. [balanced diet]

(c) Eating too much of fat rich foods may lead to a condition called ____________. [Obesity]

(d) The component of food that does not provide any nutrient to our body and yet is essential in our food is ___________. [roughage]

(e) The vitamin that gets easily destroyed by heating during cooking is __________vitamin C


Read the items of food listed below. Classify them into carbohydrate rich, protein rich and fat rich foods and fill them in the given table.


Carbohydrate – sweet potato , rice , maize , white bread

Protein – moong dal , fish , milk, egg, beans, butter milk, cottage cheese, pea

Fat rich – mustard , milk , egg , butter


Ans. Tasty food is not always nutritious like pizza burger French fries etc. are junk food but not good for health while nutritious food is not tasty which is generally we made at home and most of time we don’t like this food ,but these foods are good for our health as it contains nutrients.


Ans. The saree of teacher turns blue black with iodine solution, we know that starch turns blue black with iodine solution so may be the teacher saree is starched that’s why the saree turns blue black while the socks does not.


Ans. Paheli must include the food products rich in nutrients and dietary fiber such as whole grains ,whole pulses , fruits and vegetables in her diet to get rid of her problem. Biscuit noodles are made up of Maida which is also known as refined flour, it does not have any dietary fiber .so she face the problem of constipation.


Ans. 15

A – protein ,carbohydrate ,fats , vitamins and minerals.

B – dietary fiber and water does not contain nutrient but essential for our body.

Ans. 16

We learn in earlier classes that minerals and vitamins are protective food .it helps in maintaining good health.

Ans. 17

Water helps in removing waste materials from our body also it keeps our body hydrated.

Ans. 18

Bujho is suffering from night blindness and for that vitamin A is essential . and food items rich in vitamin A is necessary for bujho to recover from this problem.


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