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Class 6 Geography Chapter 4 – Maps

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NCERT Class 6 geography chapter 4 question answers


Tick the correct answers.

(a) Maps showing distribution of forests are

  1. Physical map
  2. Thematic Map
  3. Political map

Correct Answers – Thematic Map


(b) The blue colour is used for showing

  1. Water bodies
  2. Mountains
  3. Plains

Correct Answers – Water Bodies


(c) A compass is used –

  1. To show symbols
  2. To find the main direction
  3. To measure distance

Correct Answers – To Find The Main Direction


(d) A scale is necessary

  1. For a map
  2. For a sketch
  3. For symbols

Correct Answers – For A Map

Answer the following questions briefly.


What are the three components of a map?

Distance, Direction, and Symbol are the three components of a map.


What are the four cardinal directions?

North, south, east, and west are the four directions. They are known as cardinal points/directions.


What do you mean by the term ‘the scale of the map’?

The scale is defined as the ratio of the actual distance on the ground to the distance shown on the map.


How are maps more helpful than a globe?

When we want to study the earth as a whole, we can use a globe. However, when we only want to study a portion of the earth, maps are more useful because they can represent the entire earth’s surface or a portion of it.


Distinguish between a map and a plan.

A map is a representation or drawing of the earth’s surface or a portion of it drawn on a flat surface to scale, while A plan is a large-scale drawing of a small area. A large-scale map contains a lot of information.

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