Our Rights and Duties Class 4 Social Science

Our Rights and Duties Class 4 Social Science

Our Rights and Duties Class 4 Social Science | Our Rights and Duties Class 4 Questions and Answers| Our Rights and Duties Class 4 Pdf.


How would you define our country’s constitution?

The constitution contains several important principles that must be followed by our leaders. The introduction to our constitution describes India as a democratic socialist secular Republic.


What does it mean that India is a democracy?

India is a democratic nation. This means that all the citizens of the country elect the leaders who would form the government. This kind of government is known as a democratic government or democracy.


Indicate the fundamental/basic rights of the people of India.

India’s people are given the following fundamental rights:

  • Equal rights
  • Freedom of speech
  • Any religion may be practiced
  • Right to justice
  • Travel rights throughout the country
  • The right to choose one’s profession
  • All children under the age of 14 have the right to free and compulsory education.


What are our important duties as citizens of India?

As a citizen of India some of our important duties are-

  • Constitutional rules must be followed
  • Honor the national flag and the national anthem
  • Keeping our country united
  • We must protect our national assets
  • We must protect the environment
  • Treat all Indians equally


How would you define the directive principles of our constitution?

Governments make directive principles for the welfare of the people. Some of the important guidelines are-

  • Assuring all citizens live in decent conditions
  • Providing work to everyone
  • Making sure people do not become rich by exploiting others
  • Improving the conditions of weaker sections of the society such as SC ST


Define secularism

Secularism means that everyone in the country would have the freedom to follow whatever religion they choose.


Define socialism.

All people in the country will be treated as equals under socialism, so there will be no discrimination based on caste, religion, or any other factor.


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