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Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Science Chapter 2 Force and Motion

if you are looking for Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Science Chapter 2 Force and Motion, then you are at the right place.


Q- Choose the correct answer.


Unit of speed is

  • m
  • s
  • kg
  • m/s


Which among the following is an oscillatory motion?

  • Rotation of the earth about its axis.
  • Revolution of the moon about the earth.
  • To and fro movement of a vibrating string.
  • All of these.


The correct relation among the following is

  • Speed = Distance × Time
  • Speed = Distance / Time
  • Speed = Time / Distance
  • Speed = 1 / (Distance × Time)


Gita travels with her father in a bike to her uncle’s house which is 40 km away from her home. She takes 40 minutes to reach there.

Statement 1 : She travels at a speed of 1 km / minute.

Statement 2 : She travels at a speed of 1 km/hour.

  • Statement 1 alone is correct.
  • Statement 2 alone is correct.
  • Both statements are correct.
  • Neither statement 1 nor statement 2 is correct.


Q-Fill in the blanks.

A bike moving on a straight road is an example for ……..motion.[ linear]

Gravitational force is a ……….force.[ non-contact]

Motion of a potter’s wheel is an example for ………..motion.[ rotatory]

When an object covers equal distances in equal interval of time, it is said to be in ……..motion.[ uniform]


Q- State True or False. If false, correct the statement.


To and fro motion is called oscillatory motion.[True]

Vibratory motion and rotatory motion are periodic motions.[False]

Vehicles moving with varying speeds are said to be in uniform motion.[False]

Robots will replace human in future.[False]



Q- Answer in a word or two.

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