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The Royal Parade Class 3 Question Answer

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The Royal Parade Class 3 Question Answer


The Royal Parade Class 3 Question Answer | New Pathway Class 3 English | question and answers for all the students of cbse / icse board

  • Book – New pathway Class 3 English
  • Writer – Mala Palani
  • Subject – English
  • Board – CBSE or ICSE


Page 11

  • What do you think these people are celebrating?
  • The people are celebrating either a royal victory or a festival.


  • Which animals are part of the royal parade? Why?
  • Horses, camels, and elephants are part of the royal parade.


  • Where do you think these people are going?
  • All these people have taken out a Royal Parade to celebrate any festival or victory which will revolve around the whole city.

Page 15

  • The story is set in two places. which are the two places?
  • Answer – a forest and mysuru


  • What was the usual way Jaya and deva played in the morning?
  • In the morning, Jaya and deva would play in the river splashing water at each other.


  • What made Jaya think that her father was already back from mysuru?
  • On seeing people crowding in front of her house, Jaya realized that her father was back from mysuru.


  • How do you know that deva understood Jaya’s complaint immediately?
  • Jaya was disheartened as her father was not ready to take Jaya to the parade because her legs were too small for the journey. Jaya darted into the forest, ran to deva, and buried her face in his trunk.


  • Jaya was afraid because ……….
  • She felt that the strangers could harm deva.


  • Jaya stopped feeling afraid when.
  • Deva marched beautifully during the Dasara parade.

Page 17

Fill in the blanks using words from the box:

  1. Mother
  2. Wife
  3. Brother
  4. Grandson
  5. Father

Page 19

Fill in the blanks using words from the box. use a dictionary if needed.

  1. Team of hockey players
  2. Troupe of dancers
  3. Bunch of keys
  4. Pride of lions
  5. Crew of sailors

Extra question answer: –

Q: Who is the author of the royal parade?

Nandini Nayar.


Q: Who did Jaya call out to while walking home from the Kabini river?

Jaya called out to her elephant calf friend, Deva.


Q: Why did Jaya have to hurry home from the river?

Jaya had to hurry home because her father might be returning from Mysuru.


Q: Who was Jaya’s father, and what was his position?

Jaya’s father was the chief of the largest tribe in Nagarhole.


Q: Why was Jaya’s father summoned to Mysuru?

The King of Mysore had sent his guard to summon him for advice on herbal medicines.


Q: What did Jaya’s father take to the Royal Court?

Jaya’s father had taken special herbs and honey to the royal court.


Q: What did Jaya’s father talk about regarding his visit to Mysuru?

Jaya’s father talked about the new king, the magnificent palace with a throne made of pure gold, the wide roads, the crowded markets, and the huge temples.


Q: What festival was the city of Mysuru preparing for?

The city of Mysuru was preparing for a big festival called Dussehra.


Q: What would happen during the Dussehra festival parade?

The king would lead a grand parade of royal deities, noble families, military officers, soldiers, dancers, camels, horses, and elephants.



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