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TN Board Class 6 When the trees walked

TN Board Class 6 When the trees walked Que Ans


Discuss and answer.


Q-When did the garden become a happy place for the author?

A-The garden became a happy place for the author when Grandfather joined them. When the author sat alone in the garden, they sometimes felt lonely. But when Grandfather was there, the garden felt cheerful and comforting.


Q-What are the two reasons the author gives for the plants moving towards grandfather?

The author gives two reasons why plants might move towards Grandfather. First, there might be a scientific reason related to light and warmth. Plants often grow towards light for photosynthesis and warmth for growth. Second, the author suggests a more sentimental reason – plants might move towards Grandfather simply because they want to be near him. This shows the strong bond between Grandfather and the plants.


Q-Why does the writer think that the peepul tree is a great show off?

The writer thinks the peepul tree is a great show-off because of its unique behavior. Even when there’s no wind, the leaves of the peepul tree spin like tops, grabbing attention and inviting people to seek shade under its branches. Additionally, the peepul tree’s ability to break through walls and grow vigorously adds to its showiness. Despite objections, Grandfather lets the peepul tree remain, appreciating its vibrant presence in the garden.


Discuss and answer.


Q-Why do we need trees? List four reasons that Grandfather gives.

We need trees for many reasons, as Grandfather explains. Firstly, trees help to prevent deserts from spreading. Secondly, they attract rain, which is essential for providing water for plants, animals, and people. Thirdly, trees help to protect the banks of rivers from being washed away by floods. Fourthly, trees provide important resources like fruit, flowers, leaves, and timber that humans and other animals need to survive.


Q-Why did the author help his Grandfather plant trees?

The author helped his Grandfather plant trees because he believed in his Grandfather’s reasons for doing so. Initially, the author might have been unsure why planting trees was important, but as he worked with his Grandfather, he learned about the benefits trees bring to the environment and all living creatures. This understanding made him enthusiastic about participating in tree-planting activities alongside his Grandfather.


Q-What made Grandfather plant saplings on the rocky island?

Grandfather planted saplings on the rocky island because he believed that even in harsh environments like that island, trees could grow and thrive, providing essential resources for wildlife and helping to maintain ecological balance. Despite the challenges posed by the rocky terrain and the dry river-bed, Grandfather saw the potential for trees to make a difference in that area. By planting saplings on the island, he aimed to create a green oasis that would benefit not only the environment but also the animals and birds that lived there.


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