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By Savita S. More

TN Board Class 6 When the trees walked

Discuss and answer.


Q-What did Grandmother feel about trees growing in the house?

Grandmother didn’t like trees growing in the house. She preferred flowers and constantly ordered catalogs and seeds to grow them. While she didn’t mind trees, she was concerned that they might damage the house. She believed in having a roof over her head and didn’t want the trees to bring down the house.


Q-Why did the author leave town?

The author left town because of the Second World War. During the war, many people had to leave their homes and go to safer places. The author was sent away to a boarding school, and during holidays, went to live with their father in Delhi. This was likely because it was safer for the author to be away from their hometown during the war.


Q-How did Grandfather’s dream come true?

Grandfather’s dream came true when the author returned to Dehradun after many years. Upon visiting the old house and walking towards the river-bed, the author saw that the trees they had planted with Grandfather had grown and multiplied. The small island they had planted trees on had turned into a green paradise. This showed that the trees they had planted long ago had flourished, creating a beautiful and thriving environment, just as Grandfather had envisioned.


Q-Describe what the author saw when he went back to the island.

When the author went back to the island, they saw a remarkable sight. The once dry river-bed was now filled with lush greenery. The island, in particular, was a small paradise with vibrant red blooms of the coral blossom. The trees they had planted with Grandfather had grown tall, and the author noticed squirrels living in them. A koel, a type of bird, challenged the author with its melodious call. The author realized that Grandfather’s dream had come true, as the trees they had planted had multiplied and created a thriving ecosystem on the island.


Tick the most appropriate option.


According to the author the tendril was moving towards grandfather because it

  • needed light and warmth.
  • did not like the light and warmth.
  • wanted to be near Grandfather.
  • wanted to escape from the winter.


Grandmother had wanted the peepul tree cut down because

  • she did not like trees.
  • she wanted to grow flowers.
  • it was an old tree.
  • it was knocking down the bricks of the outhouse.


Grandfather helped grandma out with the gardening because he

  • liked gardening.
  • wanted to grow flowers to attract butterflies.
  • wanted to beautify the garden.
  • wanted to make the house green.


The author did not want to plant saplings in the forest because

  • no one would come to see them.
  • it was dangerous to enter the forest.
  • it would not be of any use to them.
  • no one would appreciate them.


Grandfather felt planting trees would help the forest because

  • he wanted to make the view beautiful.
  • the river-bed was dry.
  • animals and birds in the forest would love him.
  • the animals and birds would find it easier to live.


When the author returned from England to Dehradun, he found Grandfather’s dream had come true because the

  • old house had changed.
  • river was full.
  • trees had red flowers.
  • forest covered the island.


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