Class 4 Air Water and Weather Q & A

Air Water and Weather for class 4

Air water and weather class 4 question and answers for the students of CBSE / ICSE /State board .

Rainfall is predicted when humidity within the atmosphere is

  • High
  • Low
  • None

Ans – High

The water cycle is a result of which two processes happening in nature

  • Boiling and evaporation
  • Evaporation and condensation
  • Boiling and melting

Ans. Evaporation and condensation

The temperature of an area mostly depends upon…….

  • Heat
  • Humidity
  • Rainfall

Ans – Heat

Short – Answer Questions on air water and weather

Q – What is weather?

Ans: The weather is the short-term condition of the atmosphere of a particular can change within a short period of time.


Q – What is humidity?

Ans: The amount of water vapor present in the air is called humidity.


Q – What is the unit of temperature is measured?

Ans: Unit of temperature is measured in degrees Celsius.


Q – What are the factors that affect weather?

Ans: Factors that are affecting the weather are Atmospheric pressure, Temperature, Wind, Humidity, Precipitation, and Condensation.


Q – Define the water cycle with the help of a diagram?

Ans: Water evaporates from rivers, lakes and oceans. This evaporated water cools up in the atmosphere then it condenses into water droplets to form clouds.

When these clouds become heavy, the water falls on the ground in the form of rain.

This water reaches the oceans and the entire cycle continues.


Q – What is DEW?

Ans: In early morning Small water droplets can be seen on grass and plant leaves that looks like pearl are called dew.


Q – What is FOG?

Ans: Fog – When the water vapour condenses with dust particles in the air present in the atmosphere present in air, fog is formed.


Q – Difference between wind and humidity?

Ans: Moving air is called wind

humidity – water vapour present in air is called humidity.


Q – Which of the 2 processes happens in water cycle?

Evaporation and condensation


Q – Where do you think the humidity would be the highest?

Ans: At sea coast


Q – How clouds are formed?

Ans: As water vapor freezes due to extreme cooling in the upper layers of the atmosphere, cloud formation occurs.


Q – What are the factors responsible for change in weather?

Ans: Weather is affected by variations in temperature, humidity, and air movement.

Long Answer Type Questions on Air water and weather class 4


Q – Winds are blown by the heat of the sun. Give Reason?

Ans: The sun’s energy is absorbed by the Earth’s surface, which converts it to heat. The heat produced on the surface of the earth warms the air above it. Wind refers to the movement of air. The uneven heating of the earth’s surface is the root of this phenomenon.


Q – On a gloomy day, clothes take longer to dry. Give Reason?

Ans: On a cloudy day, clothes take longer to dry because the rate of evaporation is slower.


Q – Wind blows from sea to the land throughout the day. Give Reason?

Ans: During the day, the wind blows from the sea to the land. Since the ground is hotter than the surrounding water, there is less pressure on land than at sea.


Q – On a cold winter morning, drops of water can be seen on grass. Give Reason?

Ans: Moisture is found in the air. The temperature is lower in the early morning, especially in the winter, and the air is cooler. At this temperature, air is unable to hold all of its moisture. Dew drops form when excess moisture condenses on a cool surface such as leaves, grass, or car windows. As a result, we see dew drops on cold winter mornings.


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