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GSEB Class 6 Ancient towns and Scripture

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How many mandals are there in Rigveda?

  1. 12
  2. 15
  3. 10
  4. 4


Answer the following questions briefly:


Give introduction of roads of Harappan Civilization?

The roads of Harappan Civilization were very comfortable; one connected the north with the south and the other connected the east with the west.  

Several streets were parallel to the main road and intersected at a right angle. The town was laid out in such a way that the town could be divided into square and rectangular sections. The public roads were also lit at night.


Write a note on Lothal?

Lothal is situated on the banks of bhogavo river in dholka Taluka in Ahmedabad district. Lothal was a commercial port and Industrial Town in ancient times. A structure made of bricks has been found in Lothal it is considered that it must have been a Dockyard. It can be assuming to that the vessels arriving here were used for loading and unloading of addition warehouses and bead factory have been found here so it can be said that lothal and was a prosperous port of Ancient India and international trade of Harappan Civilization must have been done through the port of lothal. 


Fill in the blanks

  1. Kalibangan is currently situated in…………… State [ Rajasthan]
  2. Public bath found in Harappan civilization is located in………….. Town. [Mohenjodaro]
  3. Dholavira is an archaeological site found in…………. District. [Kutch]


State whether the following statements are true and false


  1. Harappan civilization is considered to be the contemporary to Egyptian civilization. False
  2. Dholavira had a rainwater harvesting system. True 
  3. The town structure of Dholavira is divided into two parts. False
  4. There are mainly seven Vedas . False


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