Let’s Know The History Class 6 Solutions GSEB

Let’s Know The History Class 6 Solutions


GSEB Class 6 Social Science Solutions

Choose the correct answer

In the ancient time man used to write on which thing .

  • Cloth
  • Paper
  • Inner bark of tree
  • Leather

Correct Answer – Inner bark of tree


Which of the following is not a source to know history ?

  • Record
  • Copper plate
  • Birch bark
  • Vehicle

Correct Answer – Vehicle


Which of the following writings last longer ?

  • Record
  • Writing on clothes
  • Writings on paper
  • Writings on leaves of tree


Correct Answer – Record


Answer the following questions in short :


Que – Explain the meaning of B.C.


Before Christ, abbreviated B.C., refers to the years preceding the birth of Jesus Christ, for example, 1000 years. B.C. stands for 1000 years before Jesus’ birth. B.C. is also known as BCE, which stands for Before Common Era.


Que – Explain the meaning of A.D.

A.D. stands for Anno Domini, which means years after the birth of Jesus Christ, for example, 1000 years. A.D. stands for 1000 years after Jesus’ birth. A.D. is also known as CE, which stands for common era.


Que – Which is the oldest coin of India

The Panchmark coin is India’s oldest coin, created by pressing metal pieces in a mould.


Que – Which are the sources to know history ?

The primary resources for learning about history Documents, paintings, ornaments, toys, coins, inscriptions, Bhojapatras, metal plates, old buildings, temples, etc.


Match the column

1. Record     a. Before Birth Of Christ
2. Bhojpatra     b. Anno Domini
3. Tamrapatra c. Bark Of Birch Tree
4. B.C.    d. Text Engraved On Copper Plate
5. A.D. e. Text Engraved On Stone Or Metal

 Answers – 1 [ e] , 2 [ c ] , 3 [ d ] , 4 [ a ] , 5 [ b ]

Extra Question and Answers of Let’s Know The History Class 6 Solutions


Define manuscripts?

Manuscripts are those that can be written on palm leaves and birch bark; from them, we can learn about the language, lifestyle, and men of ancient India. Tadpatra and Bhojpatra, which are written on palm leaves and birch bark, are two well-known manuscripts.


Define inscriptions?

Inscriptions are items that have been carved on metal or stone. Many kings and queens carved information about their kingdom’s victory, religion, and culture into stones. The Ashoka stone inscriptions are well-known, and the records written on them are long lasting.


Define TamraPatra

Tamra Patra is a text written on a copper sheet. The majority of the Tamrapatra have been discovered in Gujarat, and they provide us with information on name, religion, and administration.


How coins are an important source to know system?

Coins are also an important source of information about history; we can learn the names of any religion, culture, and time period from these coins. The oldest coin discovered in India is known as Panchmark, and it periods from the fifth century B.C.


What do you understand by history ?

History refers to information provided by archaeologists about the past of human society based on research.


Define archaeologist?

Archaeologists study the past by categorizing the tools discovered. They collect data from manuscripts, documents, and archives and then describe them in a regressive manner. Archaeologists and historians bring the past to life.


Which method do archaeologists use to determine the date and time written on manuscripts or inscriptions?

Archaeologists use the carbon dating system to determine the exact date and location of artefacts.


Define Bhojapatras?

The bark of a tree on which books were written in ancient times.


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