GSEB Class 8 Chapter 2 British Rule in India 1757 AD to 1857 AD

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GSEB Class 8 British Rule in India


GSEB Class 8 British Rule in India 1757 AD to 1857 AD | GSEB Class 8 Social Science Solutions | Question and Answers for Gujarat Board Kids..


Find the Correct option from the following options and write the answer:

How many practices were there for indigo production in India?

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Infinite


In which two provinces was the ryotwari system introduced in 1820 AD.

  • Calcutta and Mumbai
  • Mumbai and Madras
  • Delhi and Calcutta
  • Calcutta and Madras


Which tribe lives around Hazaribagh in the present Jharkhand?

  • Munda
  • Kol
  • Santhal
  • Koya


Under whose leadership did the tribal want to establish mundaraj?

  • Birsa munda
  • Thakkarbapa
  • Jugatram dave
  • None of these


Write the answers to the following questions in one sentence:


Who was made the Nawab of Bengal by the British after removing Mir Jafar?

Mir Kasim will become the Nawab of Bengal after Mir Jafar.


During the time of which governor was the permanent settlement introduced in India?

In 1793 AD, when Cornwallis was the governor general permanent settlement introduced to India.


The victory of which war gave the British the power to collect revenue in Bengal?

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