GSEB Solutions for Class 7 Social Science

GSEB Solutions for Class 7 Social Science


GSEB Solutions for Class 7 Social Science: – Online-Shiksha offers Class 7 Social Science solutions prepared by a group of professors which Includes solutions to all the chapters in one place.

we provide detailed solutions and details for each chapter of Class 7 Social Science Book. Since there is a total of chapters in the GSEB 7th Class Social Science textbook, we have tried our best to provide the solution to all the chapters.


GSEB Class 7 History Solutions


Chapter 01 – Rajput Age: New Ruler and States

Chapter 02 – The Delhi Sultanate

Chapter 03 – Mughal Empire

Chapter 04 –Medieval Architecture, Cities, Merchants, and Craftsman

Chapter 05 –Adivasis

Chapter 06 –Nomadic and Denotified Tribes

Chapter 07 –Bhakti Age: Religious Sects and Saints

Chapter 08 –Formation of Regional Culture

Chapter 09 –Political Rulers of 18th Century


GSEB Class 7 Geography Solutions


Chapter 10 –Earth’s Internal composition and Landforms

Chapter 11 – Components of the Environment and Internal  Relationships

Chapter 12 –Effects of Atmosphere on Living Beings

Chapter 13 –Disaster Management

Chapter 14 – Conservation and Preservation of Resources


GSEB Class 7 Social and Political Life [Civics] Solutions


Chapter 15 – Equality in Democracy

Chapter 16 – State Government

Chapter 17 – Gender Discrimination

Chapter 18 – Means of Communication and Advertisement

Chapter 19 – Markets



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