Solid Liquid and Gas Quiz

Solid Liquid and Gas Quiz 

Solid Liquid and Gas Quiz for  | Grade 3 Science Worksheets There are 10 questions on this page for grade 3 students to learn for exams.

Solid Liquid and Gas Online Test

1. The condensation process involves cooling down water vapour into water droplets.


2. Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space.


3. Everything around us is called…………..


4. The formation of water droplets is caused by _________ .


5. Shanaya boiling water for 15 minutes after that, She saw some water vapours rising up. The process is known as:


6. The ……………. form of water is called water vapour.


7. Solids have _______________ shape and size.


8. Which of the following is the frozen form of water?


9. Which of these can change water into water vapour?


10. Matter can change from one form to another.



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