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Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Science Solutions

If you looking for Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Science then you are at the right place. Discover comprehensive solutions for Tamil Nadu Board Class 6 Science curriculum, aiding students in mastering key concepts and excelling in their studies. Access clear explanations and step-by-step guidance for every chapter, ensuring a thorough understanding and academic success.

Term – I

Chapter 1 – Measurements

Chapter 2 -Force and Motion

Chapter 3 -Matter around Us

Chapter 4 -The World of Plants

Chapter 5 -The World of Animals

Chapter 6 -Health and Hygiene

Chapter 7 -Computer – An Introduction

Term – II

Chapter 1 – Heat

Chapter 2 – Electricity

Chapter 3 – Changes Around Us

Chapter 4 – Air

Chapter 5 – The Cell

Chapter 6 – Human Organ systems

Chapter 7 – Parts of Computer


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