Forests of India Class 4 Social Science – Q & A

Forests of India Class 4 Social Science

Forests of India Class 4 Social Science Answer the following questions:-

Briefly describe the importance of forests.

Our forests provide us with spices, medicinal plants, different types of herbs, rubber, and fruits. They also serve as a home for various animals and birds. They provide wood for construction, furniture, and tools. Soft wood is used in the manufacture of products like paper and matchsticks. Forests help to prevent soil erosion and flooding.


Discuss briefly the Chipko Andolan.

Chipko Andolan- The villagers of Uttarakhand developed a method to stop deforestation. They prevented the cutting down of trees by hugging them and refused to move. Sundarlal Bahuguna headed this movement. It was called the Chipko Movement. After this movement the Government of India passed laws to stop deforestation.


How do you define natural vegetation of an area?

Natural vegetation is defined as trees which have not been planted by humans, but grow naturally in the region.


Write a short note about deciduous forests.

Deciduous forests are popularly known as monsoon forests. They are found in the Southern Plateau and the foothills of the Himalayas.The trees in these forests lose all their leaves during the dry and hot summer season or in the winter when there is a lack of water.Teak, sal and sheesham are some of the deciduous trees.


What a short note on  coniferous forests?

Fir,pine,spruce,deodar, and oak are examples of trees found in coniferous forests. Coniferous forests in the Himalayas consist of tall and cone-shaped trees, with needle-like leaves.


What a short note on  evergreen forests?

These forests remain green throughout the year. As leaves fall, new leaves grow. Rainfall is plentiful in these forests. Evergreen trees include rosewood, ebony, and mahogany.


Which kind of trees are found in thorn forests? 

Trees found in thorn forests include babool, keekar, thorny bushes, wild date palms, and cactus. 


Which kind of trees are found in deciduous forests? 

Trees found in deciduous forests include teak, sal, sheesham, sandalwood, cedar, mahua, and bamboo.


What kind of tree grows in tidal forests?

Trees called ‘Sundari’ grow in tidal forests.


Which two national parks are in Madhya Pradesh?

Bandhavgarh National Park and Kanha National Park are two national parks in Madhya Pradesh.


How does the government protect wildlife?

Many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries have been established by the government to protect wildlife. Animals are not allowed to be killed in these areas. Hunting is prohibited.


List four products we can get from forests.

Forests provide us with the following products:

  • We get timber used for building houses and making furniture
  • We get Wood ,which is used as fuel.
  • We get paper from wood pulp.
  • Neem trees are used for making medicines.


How can we preserve trees and promote afforestation?

We must take the necessary steps to save trees and support afforestation.

  • Plant more trees. 
  • Forests are important, and we should raise awareness about them. 
  • We need to reduce the use of wood-based products. 
  • The products such as paper, books, etc. must be recycled .




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