Local Government Agencies for Class 3

Local Government Agencies for Class 3 Question & Answers


MCQ on Local Government Agencies for Class 3

Civic amenities in a village are provided by the………

  • Gram panchayat
  • Sarpanch

Correct Answer : Gram panchayat


The head of the municipal council is called

  • Chairman
  • Mayor

Correct Answer : mayor


Big cities are looked after by local government agencies called

  • Municipal council
  • Municipal corporation

Correct Answer : Municipal corporation


Fill in the blanks


  1. Every panchayat must have at least ______________ among its elected members.
  2. Civic amenities in villages are provided by the _______________.
  3. The __________ is the head of the Gram Panchayat.
  4. The Panchayat runs __________ centers to look after the sick.
  5. Members of the Municipal Committee are called Municipal _________.
  6. The _________ is the head of the Municipal Corporation.


Correct Answers :-


  1. One woman
  2. Gram Panchayat
  3. Sarpanch
  4. health
  5. councilors
  6. chairman


Answer the following questions: –

What are civic amenities?

People living in villages, towns and cities need drinking water, electricity, roads, schools and hospitals. These are called civic amenities.


What are the main functions of the gram panchayat?

The main functions of gram panchayat are

  • To provide safe drinking water to villages
  • To keep the village clean
  • To maintain the village roads and lights
  • To look after the education of the children and adults of the village
  • To set up and run health centers in the village
  • To improve the condition of agriculture and small scale industry in village


Who is the head of the municipal council?

Chairman or chairperson is called head of the municipal council 


Who is the head of the municipal corporation?

Mayor is the head of the municipal corporation


Who chooses members of the gram panchayat?

The gram Sabha chooses the members of the gram panchayat.


What are the functions of the municipal council?

The main functions of the municipal council are

  • To keep the city or town clean
  • To set a public toilet
  • Supply of safe drinking water
  • Maintain street lights and roads
  • Open health centers and hospitals
  • Free and compulsory education for children up to 14 years of age
  • Construct and maintain roads


How can we help our local agencies at good citizen?

We must be good citizens and help to keep our village town or city clean and pay our taxes regularly.



Which award has been given by government of India to panchayat?

Nirmal Gram Puraskar


Who is the youngest woman sarpanch of India?

Chhavi rajawat the sarpanch of soda village was the youngest woman sarpanch of India 


What do we understand with the word citizen?

A person who has the right to live permanently in a particular country is called citizen


What do you understand by the word an amenity?

The services that make life in a place easy and comfortable are called a minute is 


Where does municipal committee get money from?

Taxes we pay for usage of roads, houses, land etc. And the state government gives the money


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