Class 2 Computer – Types of Computer

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Computer Worksheet on Types of Computer

What is Computer and Types of Computer – Notes / Points for Students On Computers

A Computer Is a Machine Made by Humans.

Although Computers Help Us in Many Ways, They Cannot Work by Themselves.

Difference Between Computers and Humans

The Human Brain Is Not Very Good at Storing Information, But A Computer Always Keeps All the Information.

Computers Can Handle a Lot of Work at The Same Time, While People Are Very Slow and Can Do Only One Thing at The Same Time.

A Computer Can Never Make Mistakes While a Human Can

A Computer Doesn’t Get Tired, While A Man Does

The Man Has Feelings, While The Computer Does Not.

While A Computer Cannot Make Decisions On Its Own, A Person Can

Types of Computer

Desktop Computer – 

Desktop Computers Are Kept On a Desk or Table and Are Connected by Wires. They Are Usually Found in Home Offices and Schools.

Laptop – 

Most of Us Keep This On Our Lap While Working and Carry It Anywhere. It Runs On a Battery That Must Be Recharged by Electricity.

Tablet – 

A Tablet Is Also Known as A Tab. It Runs On Battery and Is Controlled by A Touchscreen.

Smartphone –

It Now Has a Computer-Like Feature as Well.

Supercomputers –

These Are Very Large Machines.

Phablet –

A Phablet Is a Device That Is Bigger Than a Smartphone and Smaller Than a Tablet.

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