Class 2 Solar System Worksheet with Answers

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Solar System Class 2 Question and Answer

Solar System For Kids Class 2 Question and Answer – An introduction as well as question and answers of solar systems for grade 1 kids of state, CBSE & ICSE…


In which galaxy is Earth located?

Earth is located in milky way galaxy.


Which planet is closest to the Sun?

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.


Which of our solar system’s planets is the hottest?

Venus is the hottest planet.


What planet is famous for having a large red spot on its surface?

The Great Red Spot is on the  Jupiter


What planet is well-known for its beautiful rings ?



Who was the first person to set foot on the moon?

Neil arm Strong and Edwin Eldrin


What is the name of the planet known as the Red Planet?

Mars is known as red planet


What is the name of the force that holds us to the ground?

Gravitational force


What is the name of NASA’s most well-known space telescope?

Hubble Space Telescope


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