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Class 3 A Day at the swamp Question Answer

Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 08:14 am

[Ans] Those three dinosaurs never played chess later because they had gone away from the swamp while playing. and Terry lived on the land and once those people had escaped from him.Since the Terry the Tyrannosaurus could run faster than them, they feared that it could attack them on land.


[Q-2] Terry was a smaller than the three big Dinosaurs yet they were scared of him why?

[Ans] Since Terry was a carnivore and could run faster than the three big dinosaurs, they were scared of him.


[Q-3] It was dark the dinosaurs could not see the swamp how did they reach the swamp then? 

[Ans] By smelling the swamp.


Additional question answers


  • [Q-1] What was the name of Belinda’s cousins?
  • Danny and Ben


  • [Q-2] Where did the three cousins lived
  • In the swamp


  • [Q-3] The three cousins belong to which family
  • Sauropods


  • [Q-4] Who wanted to play Hide and Seek
  • Danny


  • [Q-5] Who was Terry
  • He was terrible dinosaur who eats flesh.


  • [Q-6] Who was the terror of the mainland?
  • Terry, the tyrannosaurus was the terror of the land.


  • [Q-7] Who suggested to play chase?
  • Ben


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