Class 4 Landforms of the World Q & A

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Chapter 4 landforms of the world

Landforms of the world-class 4 questions and answers, major landforms of the world-class 4

Fill in the blanks:-

  1. ………. Are flat lands with gentle slopes
  2. …………… are large extremely dry areas of land
  3. …………….. Is an example of a cold desert
  4. The ……………….. Is located in India
  5. The tip of the peninsula is called ……………….


  1.  Plains
  2. Deserts
  3. Antarctica
  4. Thar desert
  5. Cape 

Answer the following questions:-

Que:- What are the major landforms of the earth?

Ans :- There are four main landforms they are mountains plains plateaus deserts

Que:- Which is the highest mountain peak in the world and where it is located?

Ans:- Mount Everest is the highest mountain peak in the world and it is located in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Que:- What is fold mountain give some examples?

Ans:- When two large land masses push against each other they are called fold mountains.

The Rockies in north America the alps in Europe are examples of fold mountains

Que :- What are the examples of volcanic mountains?

Ans :- Mount Fuji in Japan and Mount Vesuvius in Italy are examples of volcanic mountains.

Que:- What are block mountains give examples?

Ans:- Block mountains are formed by splitting and sliding of large blocks of lean example seria Nevada in the USA and black forest in Germany are examples of block mountains.

Que:- Define valley?

Ans :- The low land between hills and mountains is called a valley.

Que:- How valleys are formed what are the famous valleys in India?

Ans:- Valleys are formed by melting glaciers or rivers. Kashmir valley and Brahmaputra valley is located in India.

Que:- Define pass and its uses?

Ans:- Mountains have narrow gaps called passes people travel the mountains through these passes.

Que:- Define plateau?

Ans:- Area of land which is higher than the surrounding and flat on the top of it, is known as a plateau.

Que:- Name two plateau located in the USA?

Ans :- Columbia and Colorado plateau is located in the USA.

Que :- Name the plateau is located in India?

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